My rambling thoughts on recent teachings…

Barbara Mahler MR 3-18-19 - 184546 - CREDIT DAVID GONSIER (2)photo: David Gonsier …Performance as part of the Movement Research Presenting Series 3/19/19 ..¨In Bundled Postures¨ loosely inspired by Eadweard Muybridge´s motiion photography

I have been teaching a lot, and therefore learning a lot about the body, about connecting, about relating, about moving. Without teaching I myself would probably no longer be interested in moving, especially  in the subtle, and expressive ways I love because the journey then, as a solo artist, would be too deep to go alone.

From some of my workshops this past year I have written about some of my experiences. Most are directly connected to and inspired by the particular group of people I was working with.

Here are some of my random thoughts….

Some of the hardest things to do in a short period of time is to change the way one thinks about how they should ¨look¨, what ¨good alignment is¨, what does it mean to ¨let go¨,; how to integrate  large amounts of information, both on a body and an intellectual level; how to be confident in a process of not knowing, not fully understanding – to trust. .

How do we practice , especially alone, without over-analyzing, without worry;  using imagery, direction and patience to support the daily work. Regardless of the style, aesthetic, viewpoint, perspective, – it all takes practice that is thoughtful, and physically exploratory.

Align the bones, using thought /direction, and gravity, and the muscles, tissue, fascia will sort itself out over time, allowing a new structure to evolve. Change happens slowly, over time, and can happen so slowly that by the time we realize there has been a shift, it can seem sudden,-sparked by one minute, one hour, one movement, one class although in reality change is slow , and non-linear.

Sensations, small aches, pains, soreness are fleeting experiences that come and go. They are seductive at times, drawing our attention away from the simplicity and steadiness of our practice, potentially overriding the work we do with the body structure. The skeleton itself has no real sensation.

All too often  these sensations, feelings, became the base upon which we place our attention.  These experience are important, as they can keep us excited and interested but they do not necessarily lend themselves to deep change, to a deep knowing of  who we are; ourselves and the way we move in the world in our bodies .

Think of, imagine the movement. Refrain, as best you an, to fit everything you feel into a linear container of right and wrong, of black and white. Learning is a process, revealing itself over time with patience and practice. Sometimes change happens and cannot be simply explained, or intellectually understood but clearly, it has occurred.

Let the body learn. Use information to relax the mind, for the body cannot be directed by thoughts, but it can be directed through imagery, movement and breath.

Now more than 40 years ago, it is understood that the mind and body are not separate, and practiced imagery/direction creates change by helping to override the habitual movement patterns.

I love the work i teach, i practice, for I want to continue to improve as a teacher, bodyworker/healer/helper, dancer, person.

video from NDA Performance Mix 33 at University Settlement Speyer Hall by Jacob Hiss

About BarbaraMahler-Dances/Kleintechnique/Zerobalancing

Barbara Mahler is a long-standing and active member of the New York City dance community as a choreographer, performer and educator - a master teacher of and contributor to the out reach of Klein Technique™ ( first certified teacher, teaching at the school 1982-2004). She is a Zero Balancing Teacher and Practitioner, and through these mediums of touch, movement, performance - creating in all of these realms, involved in the extraordinary and intricate world of movement and the body: moving, sculpting, teaching, re-educating: always learning. As a Her choreographer, she draws upon the intricate and infinite possibilities of the textures of time, space and the (her) body, creating dances that are spare, articulate, emotional," and elegant" (NY Times). Her choreography is consistent with her teaching vision and bodywork: exploring the endless possibilities that the body can reveal. Barbara has been an on-going faculty member with Movement Research (NYC) since 2004 and was an ongoing guest faculty at the State Theater School in Copenhagen, Denmark 1994-2015. She has taught at many other studios, colleges, and dance festivals in the greater NY area as well as across the US. She travels abroad and across the United States, Canada and Europe creating, performing and teaching. Barbara is a senior teacher and practitioner of Zero Balancing, a hands on healing modality, maintaining a private practice in movement therapy, and body work.
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