Writings about and in reference to teachings

Barbara Mahler in “Bellas Dance”

photo: Rachel Thorne Germond

“A student recently said “.. I have to tell you that it feels like I walked out of class yesterday with someone else’s hips! Just remarkable…!’.  Another recently told me he took classes with me at the Beach Street Studio in 1989. His back was a mess, he could hardly walk.  A couple of weeks of daily class put him well on the road to recovery.”



A brief history of Somatic dance by Dr. Martha Eddy


“Mahler, a noted teacher, views dance training as a voyage of self-discovery. Barbara Mahler roots her choreography in distillation, as if she aims to extract the essence of her ideas, making them calmer and purer.”(Village Voice 2007)

Barbara Mahler’s choreography is consistent with her teaching vision and work, which is greatly informed by the teachings of Susan Klein and Fritz Smith, among others, and explores the endless possibilities that the body holds. It is spare and articulate. The movement vocabulary is most often created by Ms. Mahler, her movement informed, embodied by 30 years of study and research.