Zero Balancing and other healing modalities

My work is grounded in 35 plus years in the teachings and practice of  movement and the healing arts, specifically Zero Balancing, as a certified practitioner (1986), and a Faculty member (1989), and a co-creator and teacher (1983 -present) in Klein Technique, a movement technique. My approach to the body, in private practice as well as in class,  is aimed towards  stress reduction, ease of pain, freedom of movement and increased well-being. We live and work in our body, and  functioning at our most connected leaves us feeling stronger, more grounded, and better attuned to the world in which we live . Self knowledge decreases the possibility or severity of an injury. Klein Technique and Zero Balancing have many parallels in perspective, technique and attention. Sessions can help to integrate one’s physical practice, whether it be in dance or other artistic endeavors, as well as in daily life.

What is Zero Balancing?

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“Zero Balancing is a leading-edge body-mind therapy that uses skilled touch to balance the relationship between body energy and structure to amplify wellness.”

Barbara Mahler is a Certified Zero Balancing practitioner (86) and a Senior Faculty member (89).  Zero Balancing  is a hands on healing modality, helpful in dealing with the issues of stress, physical pain, and/or injuries, working on the interface of energy and structure. It is useful as an ongoing practice for stress reduction, injury prevention, as a tool in bringing clarity of thought, grounded ness, and aids in the creative process.  It is a healing modality for the body, mind and the spirit.  It is beneficial both as ongoing or occasional  treatment, working with specific injuries or problems with movement, alignment and/or function.  Barbara also draws upon her 30 years of her teaching and movement experience working with dancers and non-dancers alike to bring efficiency, heal injuries, and bring greater ease into one’s life. To this end, her practice also includes one on one classes in movement re-organization, postural evaluation and alignment – stretch, connection, strength, movement, posture, body organization and freedom of movement. Group classes take place almost daily in downtown Manhattan.  Workshops take place across the US and Europe. Please check the schedules for classes and workshops or call to make an appointment.

Zero Balancing (ZB) is a hands on body-mind system of therapy that balances the relationship of energy and structure within the bones and tissues of the body. Zero Balancing uses energy movement to integrate Western medical science with Eastern energy healing traditions into a relaxing and effective bodywork skill. Zero Balancing promotes internal balance and harmony through the use of skilled touch. A Zero Balancing session consists of gentle acupressure focusing on joints and bones. The session takes 30-40 minutes and the client is fully clothed, lying on a bodywork table.

How might you benefit from Zero Balancing?
Zero Balancing provides clients the possibility of health and healing at the deepest level of energy flow in the body – the skeletal system. By working with bone energy Zero Balancing corrects imbalances providing relief from pain, anxiety and stress while facilitating a profound experience of wellness and integration. Aligning energy with structure enhances the body’s natural healing processes and supports optimum health. Many people initially seek Zero Balancing to relieve symptoms but continue receiving sessions as their quality of life improves.

Zero Balancing helps balance body energy and structure with the benefits of
•alleviating symptoms of stress
•relieving musculoskeletal tension
•reducing physical and emotional pain
•enhancing wellness
•promoting feelings of well-being

What do clients say about Zero Balancing?
Joshua Kiok, M.D. “I first sought Zero Balancing hoping to regain some mobility following a sports injury to my shoulder and wrist. After a single ZB I was able to move both joints without any stiffness or discomfort. I felt more relaxed, limber and calmer than I’d felt in months.”

Olivia Newton-John “Zero Balancing is the most wonderful form of bodywork that I have ever had. It really makes a noticeable difference. A ZB balances me physically and spiritually.”

LIFE IN THE BONES is a biography of Dr. Fritz Smith, founder and creator of Zero Balancing and was written by David Lauterstein, practitioner and faculty. It is now available for purchase through the ZBHA

Other modalities Barbara practices and has received certification in are  Bindegewebsmassage (Connective Tissue Massage), and Touch for Health and  Reiki.

What is Bindegewebsmassage?


Where did it originate?

Connective Tissue Therapy (CTT), Connective Tissue Massage (CTM), Bindegewebsmassage, developed by Elizabeth Dicke in Germany in 1929 is well known throughout the world but less known in the United States. It is slowly acquiring a reputation in the United States. The development of CTT and CTM systems of bodywork began in 1938 when Elizabeth Dicke met with Professor Kohlrausch and Dr. Tierich H. Leube to initiate research and training in CTT. They incorporated the work of J. MacKenzie who researched changes in muscle tones in relationships to organs. In 1942 Dicke, Kohlrausch, Leube and Mac Kenzie published “Massage of Reflex Zones in the Connective Tissue in the Presence of Rheumatic and Internal Diseases”. Many General Hospitals and Orthopedic Hospitals, Physical Therapist and Health Spas in Switzerland, Italy (Florence), and Germany continued to research and practice CTT.

In 1954 the Elizabeth Dicke Society was established to continue the research. Currently the treatments/sessions are used for visceral diseases also diseases dealing with circulation.

Note: Dr. Henry Head, MD an English neurologist who in 1898, initially drew attention to the fact that the internal organs when diseased, manifested their disorders on the skin surface of the body, rendering it excessively painful and hypersensitive to touch, pressure and temperature changes. He also is credited to charting area of the skin naming them “maximal points”.

What is Connective Tissue?

Connective tissue is present in the human body in two main varieties – Formed and Loose Connective Tissue. For the purpose of this work we will consider only Loose Connective Tissue.

  • Loose Connective Tissue is distributed widely throughout the human body. It forms superficial and deep fascia, the inter-muscular septa; it surrounds blood vessels, nerves and aids in forming the framework of most organs. This spider’s like web provides connection between structures throughout the body.
  • The Epimysium Sheath is the outermost sheath of connective tissue that surrounds a skeletal muscle. It consists of irregularly distributed collagenous, reticular, and elastic fibers, connective tissue cells, and fat cells.
  • The Perivascular Sheath is located around blood vessels and the perineural sheath is located around nerves the fibrous capsule for glands and organs.
What is 
Touch For Health Kinesiology?
John Thie, the founder of Touch For Health Kinesiology®, stated, “The Chinese
Physician can detect imbalances in meridians by feeling the pulses, but this
is a sensitive touch, and it may take ten to twenty years to develop proficiency with it.”
Touch for Health uses muscle testing to detect these same imbalances. It is a
system of natural health care which draws on the principles of Chinese
medicine, massage, energy work and postural alignment to enhance strength,
improve energy, and release physical and mental stress and pain.
TFHK works with the structural, chemical, energetic and emotional aspects of
the body. A muscle which tests “unlocked” or “weak” is usually associated with
dysfunction in a particular acupuncture meridian and its related organ or
system. This muscle response test can identify major imbalances, while they
are still easily correctable.It also provides a way of testing for food
sensitivities, emotional issues, and almost anything that can disrupt our life
One result can be fast – effective relief from physical and emotional stress
and pain. Another possibility is the removal of energetic and emotional blocks.
Applied Kinesiology is utilized in many subtle ways during most one on one sessions.

If you are interested in learning more about Zero Balancing and/or connective tissue massage,  individual movement sessions, workshops, or in making an appointment please contact:

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