Dancing Divas

LaMama : Festival of Dance – May 24th
64 East 4th Street in Manhattan, NY
“Dancing Divas”
new duet by Barbara Mahler

“Male Divas, Female Bonding La MaMa Moves! Dance Festival 2008 Dancing Divas choreography by Barbara Mahler, Jodi Melnick, Sara Rudner, Vicky Shick, Sally Silvers, Pam Tanowitz Male Bonding choreography by John Scott, John Jasperse, Miguel Gutierrez La MaMa e.t.c., New York May 24, 2008 By Tom Phillips Copyright 2008 by Tom Phillips La MaMa e.t.c. put on a doubleheader of mostly new works and works-in progress at their dance festival Saturday night, but the marquee titles may have been reversed. Male Bonding gave us three pieces with dancers mostly obsessing about themselves. On the other hand, six women were billed as the Dancing Divas, but their work mostly explored relationships. The best was a double duet by Pam Tanowitz that explored both the mechanics and the psychology of partnering. “….
Read the full review here:

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