Workshops in Klein Technique™ /performances

Performing at JudsonMemorial Church Monday September 12 for the 25 Anniversary of Artists in Performance and Movement Research at the Judson

Performances …October 3 in Santiago, Chile and October 18 and 23 at The Secret Theater as part of  the Queensboro Dance Festival

“IT OcCurS to mE”
Choreography, performance and costume: Barbara Mahler
Sound score: Wayne Lopes (1996)
“A Profoundly physical exploration of a defining  moment.”

Summer and Fall  2016 WORKSHOPS:        Click here for  Workshops)  calendar

Minneapolis, MN…DECEMBER 9-11 2016…

TAIWAN..June 30-July 3  contact

returning end of JUNE 2017

SUMMER MELT with Movement Research August 8-12 2016 10-12AM  at St. Marks Church in the Bowery

Santiago CHILE! September 28- October 1 2016…..RETURNING  OCTOBER 17-22  2017


RECENTLY:   Minneapolis, MN  May 20-22, and returning December 9-11 2016

Minneapolis has been a consistent venue for workshops, almost annually, beginning with New Dance Lab 1993,- Linda Shapiro, and continuing with the University of Minnesota with a Sage Cowles Land Grant, “Dancing Feet”  Rosy Simas, Zenon, and now with Wendy Rubles, Krista Langberg. Join us!

The time engages us, as a group, in an in-depth study of our bodies:  the paradox of our movement possibilities and obstacles. The information is grounded in 30 years of perceiving, studying, observing and working with the body in motion.   Students  find the supports underlying the superficial muscles, deep within. The skeleton is our resource for imagery and physically detailed work; the bone being the deepest and densest tissue in the body, conducting the most energy (force).  Our movements in class are specific and simple, and at the same time, deeply changing.  These movements are broken down, explored, and analyzed so that we can come to the beginning of an understanding of our own body stories. Basic anatomy,  for the purposes of our work in class, is explored and worked on in depth and detail.The pelvis in particular, and the four deep muscle groups that support the pelvis on top of the legs – the hamstrings (sitz bones to heels), the external rotators, the tail bone/pelvic floor and the psoas group.  The goal of each workshop is to address the need for a deeper understanding of one’s body with self discovery, improved body function, efficiency in movement and attention to injuries.

The workshops utilize the major principles of the integration of my own research and teaching style and skills, exploring and furthering my ideas and interpretations of Klein Technique.  A large component of the passions of Irmgard Bartenieff, and Dr. Fritz Smith, Dorothy Vislocky, along with the brilliance of Susan Klein, are deeply interwoven into the work I have come to embody, and to love.(see Klein Technique page for more detail)

Professor Dorothy Vislocky, 1971-1981, was the creator of the Dance Major and it’s curriculum at Hunter College, NYC. She was my first initiation into thoughts of re-doing, letting go, the pelvis, alignment and space, re-learning. The reading material in our college dance classes was not the usual dance books.  “Zen and the Art of Archery,” the Carlos Castenada stories, – books on how perspectives affect our movement, and moving selves in the world. She was  a pioneer dance kinesiologist, choreographer, visual artist, dancer; a major and deep influence, inspiring me to pursue this world of movement, dancing, expressing and teaching.

These influences, along with movement of all styles and genres come into  my classes and workshops, along with the perspectives and information I have gained from my own movement re-education; my 3o plus years of teaching, dancing, learning and changing.


Performance MIX 30 anniversary at Abroms Art Center….June 9

Performances with Karen Bernard at the Kitchen and Judson Church May 6 and 7 2016

Jaffa, Israel with Yasmeen Godder Dance Company 2015

London England..IndependentDanceAgency 2014-15

Schwelle, Berlin Germany annually 201o-2015….Thank you Felix Rukert!!!

Dance Place in D.C. in conjunction with a choreographic project for Adrienne Clancy and Dancers, Silver Springs MD.

New dance work for the students at Wilson College, PA



Barbara Mahler

Photo.:Julie Lemberger,        Choreographer :Barbara Mahler


workshop at dance limerick 31032016


At the Iceland Academy for the Arts, and classes with the modern dance company, as well as research time for the creation of new solo.

Working in Santiago, Chile.

August 2011

….see blog posts to read more about them……A return to Chile is in the works for Autumn 2016