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Right now, my Website class/workshop schedule is not quite updated, so you can find my schedule here.

My zoom classes, until further notice, are Monday 830am-10am, Tuesday-Friday 10-15-1150. Tuesday at 2pm and Thursday 1 -215 with MOVEMENT RESEARCH. Message them for info on that class!!! THE LAST THURSDAY 1pm CLASS IS JuNE 25

I have had  a zoom weekend workshop with IDA in London, and 6 workshop classes with TanzFabrik, Berlin. I have had a few students from the original TanzQuartier, Austria Workshop join my daily ongoing classes.

Yes.  i have been negligent in my writings. So much has happened this year, especially these 3-4 months, and more now with amazing change and growth with people coming together. It is SO INSPIRING and UPlifting, challenging and heartbreaking all at once.  It is important time and will ultimately make the world a better place.

Even when I was young -7, 8 years old often  criticized for being too idealistic – . Alas, I am still as such, hopeful for community, dynamic change, possibilities.

Recently, I was to post my “happening now” travels/tour to Europe – Vienna, Berlin and London–Taipei in June, my performances  in NORTHHAMPTON, WIP  in March, – all which have been adjusted, rescheduled, or virtual.  Many events of the 7 annual QueensboroDance Festival, which occur outside in Queens in Parks and other open areas, have had to be accomodated for the Virtual. My VIRTUAL DATE IS MONDAY JULY 21 4pm!


Monday June 29-Friday July 3 7pm -10 pm (NOT EST TIME) – beginning level Klein Technique Workshop

Advanced ( meaning one has studied before the principles of Klein Technique)

July 3-5 10am -12pm (NOT EST)

Please contact me if you wish to connect with HORSE or find their event on FACEBOOK – MY PAGES



Everything has moved around, and I have been doing all my teaching on – quite a challenging feat for me and my work, as I thrive on touch, the group and their energy in my classes.  – I look to these things for guidance and direction on where as a class we should go.  Over the past 3 months my skills (much much teaching ) have increased in this method of teaching and although challenging, has brought much clarity in my ëyes¨ and my left brain. I do find it tiring but I am very grateful for the at least visual contact with people I know and love, and meeting new people from around the world – a GIANT PLUS of the use of the internet. My device offers its own challenges, it being an IPAD. I have had the  IPAD drop on its face with much yelling from the students (smile) “WE CAN”T SEE YOU”.. plus flipping through pages of people on occassion with Movement Research – 85 people sometimes with only 9 on my screen at time.   Still, there are many upsides to this situation.

Month 3 1/2. teaching almost everyday – Love seeing the faces and smiles, kitchens, pets, childrens, family, etc as well as  and bodies of the many beautiful people who come to class.- it warms my heart and soul, and helps me to stand on my feet. Even without the energy of the bodies, feeling both connected and so far away, I am moved,- it is the highlight of my days almost 90 days. I stretch inside myself to see more specifics of the moving bodies, the deep connections. My intentions – my teachings  – grounding, being together, time for the mind to release the tension of this now we are in….friends see each other, and people from the past many many years ago join with and meet new.  I feel it is so important to connect with everyone by name -and watch with great attention. The tiny important details of movement, addressing by name. It is a tiny thing but it is what humanity is – being together, being present.  92243605_10158097911959720_2738969548819529728_oI still try for my silly jokes – still works!


Re my workshops with Tanzfabrik and IDA –IThe link below tells more of my thoughts and experiences of these past weeks along with class on day 1 for that.

And LONDON…at IDA was to be a weekend workshop April 18-19..We will be doing 2 1/2 hours Both on Saturday and Sunday

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About BarbaraMahler-Dances/Kleintechnique/Zerobalancing

Barbara Mahler is a long-standing and active member of the New York City dance community as a choreographer, performer and educator - a master teacher of and contributor to the out reach of Klein Technique™ ( first certified teacher, teaching at the school 1982-2004). She is a Zero Balancing Teacher and Practitioner, and through these mediums of touch, movement, performance - creating in all of these realms, involved in the extraordinary and intricate world of movement and the body: moving, sculpting, teaching, re-educating: always learning. As a Her choreographer, she draws upon the intricate and infinite possibilities of the textures of time, space and the (her) body, creating dances that are spare, articulate, emotional," and elegant" (NY Times). Her choreography is consistent with her teaching vision and bodywork: exploring the endless possibilities that the body can reveal. Barbara has been an on-going faculty member with Movement Research (NYC) since 2004 and was an ongoing guest faculty at the State Theater School in Copenhagen, Denmark 1994-2015. She has taught at many other studios, colleges, and dance festivals in the greater NY area as well as across the US. She travels abroad and across the United States, Canada and Europe creating, performing and teaching. Barbara is a senior teacher and practitioner of Zero Balancing, a hands on healing modality, maintaining a private practice in movement therapy, and body work.
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5 Responses to repost What’s now going on

  1. reiselina says:

    dear Barbara, I met you briefly last spring, i believe it was, in Berlin at Tanzfabrik, a talk-moving about workshop with elsa wolliaston and frey faust…we were asked a question to ask a stranger, I dont remember the question but the replies. Christa told me about your marvelous online class. that I had wanted to participate in Berlin virtual easter ! But…alas…that modern technology. and my deeply analogue being, we took to long to figure it out 😀 . Now I found your England class that is BOOKED OUT! -amazing, a crowded virtual space with waiting list. I am in awe. So. please excuse me, this is me wondering if you -shall I not make into the england virtual class this weekend – do online virtual classes in new york soon or elsewhere? that i could partake in one or two times? From my kitchen table in Berlin. Sending you good wishes and strong body cells! and everlasting dance and movement, lina x

    • Yes! I remember.
      I am currently teaching every morning .
      U can email me at and I will send u the info.
      Good to hear from you!

    • hello!! have i sent you the information you requested? apologies if not! and let me know.

      • reiselina says:

        hey!!! nonono! YOU did! I …messed up. I had to reset my entire computer to get it working with the online meetings etc, was more complex than antecipated…and then a bit ill and other bureaucracies…. BUT…I might get into the one in B starting tomorrow….I ll keep you posted, now that I am back in this loop online rollercoster! sorry….I am not usually that un-responding…x

  2. Rachel says:

    Greaat blog you have

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