New Things/This Month of May

Returning to my “second home” _Minneapolis, MN for a long week=end workshop – Klein Technique May 12-14..My almost annual visits to Minneapolis began in 1992, first with New Dance Lab (Linda Shapiro),  Dancing Feet (Rosy Simas), a Cowls Grant from the University. Dancers in the city still use the technique to help with care for their bodies, and lengthen their dancing career. Annual/ semi annual workshops are now organized by Wendy Ruble and Jennifer Arave.   Come and join this amazing community!

For movers of all types and styles, for interest in exercises to help support the lower back and pelvis, and to be more aware of the body we live in.

Also check out the article in February Dance Teacher Magazine:

For ongoing classes and other workshops please check the calendars

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About BarbaraMahler-Dances/Kleintechnique/Zerobalancing

Barbara Mahler is a long-standing and active member of the New York City dance community as a choreographer, performer and educator - a master teacher of and contributor to the out reach of Klein Technique™ ( first certified teacher, teaching at the school 1982-2004). She is a Zero Balancing Teacher and Practitioner, and through these mediums of touch, movement, performance - creating in all of these realms, involved in the extraordinary and intricate world of movement and the body: moving, sculpting, teaching, re-educating: always learning. As a Her choreographer, she draws upon the intricate and infinite possibilities of the textures of time, space and the (her) body, creating dances that are spare, articulate, emotional," and elegant" (NY Times). Her choreography is consistent with her teaching vision and bodywork: exploring the endless possibilities that the body can reveal. Barbara has been an on-going faculty member with Movement Research (NYC) since 2004 and was an ongoing guest faculty at the State Theater School in Copenhagen, Denmark 1994-2015. She has taught at many other studios, colleges, and dance festivals in the greater NY area as well as across the US. She travels abroad and across the United States, Canada and Europe creating, performing and teaching. Barbara is a senior teacher and practitioner of Zero Balancing, a hands on healing modality, maintaining a private practice in movement therapy, and body work.
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