Barbara Mahler  is a choreographer, performer, movement educator, body worker; a master teacher of and major contributor to Klein Technique™, faculty and certified practitioner of Zero Balancing. She holds an MFA from the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee – 2007.   She has been  selected for the 2013 BAX 10 AWARD in Arts Education.  (photo-Alice Garick)


As well as choreographing and teaching, she maintains a private practice in hands on  body work, using the techniques and principles of Zero Balancing, Connective Tissue Therapy, and others, working with injury rehabilitation and prevention;  movement re education and coordination. She has been an ongoing faculty member with Movement Research NYC since 2004, teaching group classes aimed towards the improvement of coordination, alignment and general physical well-being.   Barbara’s  viewpoint of the well-functioning person/body is grounded in her long – standing work in the dance and movement field.  Her major and most consistent sources of information have come from the study and teaching (1979-present) of Klein Technique and (1983-present)  Zero Balancing, along with the perspectives and insights gained from re-educating her own body, and a continuing curiosity about the body, movement, perception, and learning.  Contemporary dance techniques, composition, improvisation, choreography and performance have all played major roles in the focus and experience of her work.  Her small and intimate dances/choreography have been presented across the globe – Chile, Canada, Sweden, Finland, Denmark,  and many venues in New York,  as well as across the US.  Barbara is an ongoing guest faculty with of the Danish National School of Theater and Contemporary Dance,  since 1994.

A Hunter College Alum, she has been  a guest artist/teacher at Hunter College NYC, 2000-2010

WHEN SHE STUMBLES             http://youtu.be/IG4arzHWEro

http://youtu.be/l9u0Y8tQLo4  – click here for  the duetted WHEN SHE STUMBLES…..with Jamie Graham, Alissa Horowitz and Barbara Mahler -solo and duet presented in process at Judson Church as part of the Movement Research Presenting Series January 2013

CLICK HERE…..On-going Classes in NYC.

IN BERLIN @ Schwelle 7 – September 2015…..more complete information on the workshop page

LONDON @ Independent Dance.- September 22-27 2014

“I was an artist in Residence with Movement Research for the 2003-04,  and 2006 -08 seasons.  Movement Research continues to provide a home base for the development of my artistic visions and products. My choreographic work has  received support from Meet the Composer, and the Arts Council in Montreal, Canada; the Cultural Arts Ministry in Chile.   I was a recipient of a Sage Cowles Land Grant,  and part of the first solo dance artist residency at The Yard (an artist’s colony in Chilmark, Mass.)   I received a choreographic research grant from the International Dance Programme in Gothenburg, Sweden, and a residency from the CAVE, Williamsburg, NY.  I was a member of  LEAP 2011-12, a Queens Arts Council Program supporting development of vision, artistic products and process.  My work has also been supported by the 92 Street Y Harkness Dance Center and the Hunter College Dance Alum Consortium for many years.


  ” I  have been a guest artist  with the State Danish Theater School (1994-present), with Dance Alliensen in Sweden, (2005,07,08,10);  the International Dance Programme, Gothenburg, Sweden (20012);  SUNY Purchase, NY;  DNA (NYC); Labor Gras, and Schwelle, 2008,09,10,11,12,13 (Berlin); Chile (2011); Argentina (2001); Finland Full Moon Dance Festival (2002, 03); Bates Summer Dance Festival;  Bearnstow Artist’s Colony, Maine (2002, 2003, 08,09): Studio 303 in Montreal numerous times, and Circuit-Est in Montreal,  (2000, 03,05,09);  University of Minnesota; Universities of Madison and Milwaukee, Wisconsin; the Fringe Festival in Toronto, Canada (fFIDA)  as well as at Ohio State’s first annual summer dance festival in 2008.  I have taught workshops such as MELT multiple times with Movement Research, NYC as well as  at the Zenon Dance Company School and Rosy Simas Dance, Minneapolis, MN;  Dancing People Company (Ashland, Oregon), Brooklyn Arts Exchange (BAX);  Icelandic School for Contemporary Dance; Earth Dance, Performatica – Puebla, Mexico; Belles Artes, Mexico City…more.  I continue to research, perform, choreograph, dance, teach, do body work, and develop my ideas of movement, dance, and the well-functioning, connected  body in motion, exploring all modalities of movement through teaching, choreographing and performing.  The main lens through which I view a rich moving body/individual in movement and life is  through  Klein Technique,(Susan Klein, originator)  and the  hands on healing modality, Zero Balancing (Dr. Fritz Smith, originator).  My choreographic visions are inspired by the same principles and experiences. My passion is the solo dance. My initial inspirations for dance and the moving body came from Professor Dorothy Vislocky while I was a student at Hunter College, where I received my BA.  I hold an MFA from the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee-2007.

My interest, my passion, is the body – the limitless possibilities of the body as an expressive instrument, to carry a story, create an environment. My passion is the Solo Dance, but love creating duets and trios.  All are intimate dances for large and small spaces.  I think of  my dances as being in dialogue with the spaces in which they are created and/or performed, and for each particular audience. Current theories of physics, and the writings of Deeprok Chopra,  Joseph Campbell, and others, teach us that nothing exists alone;  that all things can only exist in relationship. This is the way I approach and view my work. Dances are always given a new life with each  audience in each new environment or performance.  Although all dances are created to realize a particular form or shape, to convey an event, fulfill a concept, I view, and create my dances with the premise that they are innately possessed of a spontaneity and flexibility that give rise to various interpretations and meanings.  Solos in particular, in the absence of other dancers, call upon the interpreter/ dancer’s inner dialogue as primary tools in creating and maintaining a relationship between themselves  and the audience, while the dance itself creates the structure for the communication.  The audience, an assortment of individuals, come together in what I think of as a collective vision.  The audience collective can affect the outcome and the interpretation;  of what is being presented on the canvas. The relationships thus created are with the self, the audience and the space, and, in the case of duos and trios,  other performers.   Although I know what my dances are, they acquire new life in each different circumstance. I mold and craft my dances in detail and design, and in paradox, aim for spontaneity and immediacy.  My current trajectory includes but is not limited to rigorous improvisational and collaborative process in rehearsals and performance.   Deborah Jowitt of the Village Voice wrote the following about a concert of my work, presented by Danspace Project at St. Mark’ Church – :“Barbara Mahler roots her choreography in distillation, as if she aims to extract the essence of her ideas, making them calmer and purer. Struggle is subdued, climax minimized….intriguing ways she blends delicacy and strength and skews familiar movements.”

Dixon Place Tuesday October 28   – Crossing Boundaries ………..www.dixonplace.org

The annual New Dance Alliance Performance  at HERE, Manhattan, June 2015


Ongoing guest artist at the State School for Dance/Theater in Copenhagen, Denmark

LEAP Dance Project | Queens Council on the Arts  queenscouncilarts.org/leap/Artistic and outreach support for selected Queens artists 2011-12.  Funded by the Queens Council for the Arts (QCA).  The support included working space, peer group support, and workshops, culminating in a performance event of new WIP at La Guardia Community College in Queens, NY, June 15 2012.  SOLO NUE –  performed by Nancy Allison. The program also included the work of 9 other Queens Based artists.   “Nancy Allison has performed throughout the U.S. and Europe in major  ballet companies, theater productions and on the concert stage. She is  most well known for her performances and stagings of Jean Erdman’s  modern dance repertory of the 1940s and 50s (www.jeanerdmandance.com).”

photo by Kerville Cosmos Jack of Nancy Allison in SOLO at LaGuardia College

Richard Daniels’ Dances for an iPhone] –



I am a proud mother.

photo-Bella Klein

My students include/have included dancers from all backgrounds, styles and aesthetic viewpoints – Trisha Brown, Stephen Petronio, Neil Greenberg, Wally Cardona, Molly Leiber, Donna Costello, Jeremy Nelson, Fabio Travares Da Silva, Gerald Casel, Johanna Hegenshcheildt (Berlin), Diane Madden, Karin Jameson (Sweden), Jannine Rivel (Sweden),  Rebecca Alson-Milkman, Luis Lara, Athena Malloy, Ted Johnson, Jessica Winograd,  Joanna Kotze, Nancy Allison, Jamie Graham, Alissa Horowitz, Francis Stansky, Chrysa Parkinson, Omagbitse Omagbemi, Brian Gerke, Steinunn Ketilsdottir, – too many wonderful dancers and people to mention.